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Why Your Brain Needs B2v2

Stress affects your emotions, behavior, thinking ability and physical health. No part of the body is immune from the effects of stress. B2v2 helps the brain reset itself in a manner that helps reduce the many compromises of stress.

Life threatening or negative external life experiences, such as a car accident, divorce, or death of a loved one, may actually change the rhythms and balance in your brain. You may feel like you’re missing out on opportunities or options in your life; unable to move forward. This is because your brain becomes “stuck” in those patterns that it used to defend itself against those stressors. If that happens, you can’t seem to move forward. The effect of being stuck makes it, at best, difficult to achieve basic tasks, and, at worst, a compromised life in every way. A more balanced brain facilitates more efficient and restful sleep, which is the very foundation of well-being in spite of those negative life experiences. 

B2v2 supports your brain to move back to a naturally balanced performance pattern. B2v2 is NOT a toy. While other technologies and methods may advise you to learn to control your brain, Brain State Technologies®, the developer of Brainwave Optimization® and the B2v2, knew early in the technological development process that the brain moves much too fast, and on its own terms, to be able to control it. 

The B2v2 offers you a real and proven solution to deeply relax your brain, allowing it to rebalance itself, so stress doesn’t “stick”. The result of this brain “freedom” is refreshing sleep, resulting in optimal performance and overall well-being. Unlike other devices, you’re not attempting to retrain your brain. There are no games to play, no exercises to plow through; trying to keep the “bar up” on your computer screen. Using B2v2 is not another item on your “to do” list or a way to play soothing music.

You simply put the headband on, sit back, close your eyes and listen to the sounds produced by your own brain in real time. Your brain does all of the work, facilitating a more highly performing you. 

Most clients report one or more of the following benefits:


  • happy family outdoors in winter landscapeRestful sleep
  • Stress relief 
  • Improved focus 
  • Clearer memory and recall 
  • Enhanced decisiveness and confidence
  • Superior performance in many aspects of life
  • Accelerated learning ability 
  • A sustained calm
  • A sense of inner peace and joy that is, for some, life changing. 

For some, it is a sense of self awareness, and personal transformation, that must be experienced to be completely understood, but once it happens to you, you’ll know what we mean.

Please review “Important Info to Read Before Using B2v2” by clicking here.



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