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Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain

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by Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO
of Brain State Technologies®

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Lee was moved to write Limitless You because he believes that people will be more compassionate and loving with one another when they understand that our brain drives our behavior — and that traumas to the brain, body or emotion can negatively alter brain patterns, causing us to behave in ways we would rather not. For nearly nine years after a brutal assault, Lee felt hopelessly trapped in a world ruled by post-traumatic stress disorder. Deep inside, he knew that his angry behaviors were not in keeping with the person he really was. Drawing on what he knew as a computer scientist, he married principles of quantum physics to principles of neurofeedback, leading him to the discovery of something new. Today, we call it Brainwave Optimization® and because of its invention, over 130,000 people around the world have embraced a new life of hope and happiness.

With this revolutionary brain-mirroring™ neurotechnology, we can liberate ourselves from our limitations. This advanced technology allows the brain to see itself—to recognize where it’s out of balance and not functioning well.

Once our amazing brain discovers how it has learned to limit itself, it knows just how to readjust itself from the inside out. As the brain network comes online in the manner it’s meant to exist in, no part of our life remains unaffected. As our emotions stabilize and our mental acuity picks up, our wellness and wellbeing advance also.

Gone is our insecurity, our anxiety, our anger. Gone is our inexplicable sadness, depression, and thoughts of helplessness. Gone is our dependence on alcohol or mind-altering drugs. Life no longer feels as if we are stepping on the gas while someone else is stepping on the brake or vice-versa.

In fact, by helping our brain help itself to optimize its overall functioning, we optimize our entire life. We can, at last, be the limitless individuals we were born to be.

Please note that Limitless You was originally released in 2008.  Brain State Technologies, its core concepts, and applications have continued to evolve over the past 10 years.


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