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Beta Testing B-2 NOW!

We were very excited when everything arrived Christmas Eve!  We received the electronics, produced locally in Mesa, Arizona, and all of the other components, including sensor inserts and the hp tablets.   Engineering has been testing the electronic components and B-2...

We Reached 380% of our Goal on Kickstarter!

We Reached 380% of our Goal on Kickstarter!

Raising over $95,000!     Beginning just before Thanksgiving and running a campaign through Christmas and New Years was a major challenge for our marketing team, but our supporters know the value of our technology; now available in a wearable headband, and have come...

BRAINtellect 2 Demo Video

How often our new wearable technology, the BRAINtellect 2 (B-2) headband should be used will vary greatly from client to client. We do recommend using it once daily to begin. There are graduated session times (starting at 4 min, then 6 min, graduating in time length...

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