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12 Things that Happen When You Don’t Sleep

12 Things that Happen When You Don’t Sleep

Is trouble sleeping happening to you more often? Maybe you're one of those people who has a real sleep issue? You're probably so tired that you can’t imagine you won’t sleep tonight, but somehow, you don't.   12 Things that Happen When You Don’t Sleep: 1. You get...

Blessed by Brainwave Optimization

Blessed by Brainwave Optimization

My son David is 23 years old and was diagnosed just before his 5th birthday with Asperger’s Syndrome. This was before anyone had heard of it, or knew much about autism. The diagnosis wasn’t even in the DSM IV when David was born in 1993. He was the sweetest most...

Beta Testing B-2 NOW!

We were very excited when everything arrived Christmas Eve!  We received the electronics, produced locally in Mesa, Arizona, and all of the other components, including sensor inserts and the hp tablets.   Engineering has been testing the electronic components and B-2...

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