Miracles R Us | Braintellect - B2v2

We are each a miracle. Our brain is profound evidence of our miraculous nature; trillions of network connections, no two ever alike, incredibly powerful, near total control of all “downstream” systems of what we think, do, experience, say, feel, and how all our biological systems operate. Our brain is the center of every aspect of our life.

It is therefore no wonder that a compromised brain rhythm is the root cause of disease. And, neither is it any wonder that when we work to rebalance our brain rhythms, this work requires time – time for the brain to reorder itself, time for old uncompromised networks, as well as new networks, to become dominant. The tincture of time is important as we move toward health – whether it is a change in diet or exercise or a change in brain rhythms – time is required.

Brain State Technologies has over 130,000 clients from around the world working to balance their brain rhythms. Our clients’ experiences confirm that time is required for the brain to self-calibrate. Brainwave Optimization® clients did very well following their sessions, however, about 3 weeks later, they were even better. Results in clinical trials using our core technology intended for medical research, known as HIRREM®, showed robust clinical significance at both the post-intervention and the 3-week post-intervention measures. But – how do we help clients continue the brain wellness and optimization process following Brainwave Optimization sessions on an ongoing basis?

In 2014 Brain State Technologies received a grant to work with the U.S. Army Research Office to explore exactly the answer to the question of how to keep the brain wellness reset process moving forward – especially when “life happens” – the stressors hit us and sometimes all at once from every direction. The grant allowed Brain State Technologies to build a prototype for a 4-channel self-use device based on 15 years of Brainwave Optimization experience. Thus, in 2015, the prototype BRAINtellect® headband was born, and then in 2016 that prototype became the first production model, known as the BRAINtellect 2 or B-2, now used by over 2000 users.

Now, BST has moved the bar higher once again – developing a new version of the B-2 appropriately named the B2v2. This will become the shining star of self-use devices, and offers a way to continue the Brainwave Optimization process that begins with in-office sessions, when compromises are seen in more than 4 corresponding lobes of the brain.

The B2v2 will be the go-to product for executives and high performers to achieve restful sleep, lower stress, and achieve a faster more effective cognitive and physical rate of performance.

The official launch of the B2v2 for pre-order will be November 15th. Kickstarter buyers have begun to receive their orders this week. The B2v2 runs on a powerful tablet computer with a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Operating System – a $350+ retail value. The full system also includes a new controller box and B2v2 headband with a flex-circuit architecture designed for the ultimate in fit and comfort. The new headband is extremely comfortable; delivering high-definition digital signals of your brain’s rhythms to be algorithmically mirrored back to your brain using sound. A relaxed and optimally performing brain is the result of B2v2 use, delivering significant results to our customers.

Just in time for the Holidays, we’re offering the new complete B2v2 system to you for only $1,195.
A savings of $100.
Be the 1st to order on November 15th to ensure you’re at the front of the line when shipping begins the 1st week of December.

It has been a long and sometimes very difficult journey to get here, but our team at Brain State Technologies is very proud to offer the world unsurpassed self-use capability in over-all brain well-being and optimum performance. The B2v2 system is available for pre-order 11/15/17 with expected delivery by 12/15/17.


Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO, Brain State Technologies