Important Info About BRAINtellect 2 | Braintellect - B2v2

The BRAINtellect 2® (B-2™) is an advanced tool for self-care.

If you choose to begin using the B-2 in the way it was intended for use, it is likely that you will be among the first pleased and proud pioneers of a new way to well-being, based on the self-optimizing power of the human brain.The purpose of the B-2 is to help your brain rhythms achieve a state of deep relaxation in a way that is unlike any kind of practice or technology that has come before it. The B-2 is not a medical device, and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or heal any medical or psychological diseases.

Please understand that the B-2 does NOT stimulate your brain directly. The sensors on the headband will read your brain activity in real time, and the only energy or input that comes to you, is in the form of music-like sounds that you will hear through standard earbuds. It acts as a “sound-based mirror for your brain.”

The value of achieving brain states of relaxed flexibility on a regular basis, we believe, is to help the brain itself, to minimize negative aspects of daily life stress. Through regular use of the B-2, we anticipate that most individuals will experience at least one of the following benefits:

  1. Improved ability to manage sleep
  2. Greater mental clarity
  3. Enhanced emotional well-being, including resilience to daily stressors

You have heard of these kinds of benefits before. With the B-2, the benefits have a different qualitative feel, and they arise in a different way – not from the outside-in, but from the inside-out.
And benefits that come from the inside-out sometimes have a different path to manifestation.

There is no potential for the B-2 to hurt you or your brain – remember, it only acts as a mirror. However, before one makes a decision to begin using the B-2, and to use it responsibly, it is critical to be aware that:

For some individuals, relaxation of brain activity at a deep level may entail experiences of one or more of the following indicators, that the brain is relaxed and on a path to self-optimization:

  • Increased sensitivity, including to medications (both prescribed and over-the-counter), alcohol, recreational drugs, social situations or intimate relationship patterns, and/or other features of one’s household, work, or physical environment. In some cases, one may experience “reactions” to any of the above influences that they do not recall experiencing before. Especially, if you are using any medications, please review the side effect profile of each one (for example at,, or other resources). If you have questions, talk to your prescribing health care provider or pharmacist.
  • Temporary changes in sleep, mood, or energy that are in a direction opposite to what was expected or desired. As the brain undertakes deep, self-directed relaxation and reset, it may produce paradoxical experiences that may be surprising or uncomfortable. If a car is headed left, and the occupants wish to go straight, the driver will turn the steering wheel to the right. Analogously, experience with our core technology suggests that the brain too may sometimes make unexpected course-corrections as it moves toward a more consistently relaxed and flexible state. In particular, some individuals who are very emotionally reserved may experience a period of heightened emotionality after beginning use of the B-2.
  • Temporary sensation of fullness in the head that may be uncomfortable. When we are deeply relaxed, learning becomes easier. In the brain, it is likely that true learning – a capacity to be adaptive to new situations – is accompanied by formation of new connection patterns in neural networks. Just as a physical workout causes increased blood flow to the muscles and may be accompanied by soreness, we model that the B-2 may facilitate adaptive changes in brain rhythms that are reflected in new physical connections at the level of individual neurons. Generation of these connections may be associated with increased brain activity and blood flow, which may in turn create a perception of physical fullness in the head.

If you are not prepared and willing to potentially experience any of the above, then please consider whether use of the B-2 is right for you at this time.

For most users, greater satisfaction from using the B-2 is likely to be achieved by integrating it thoughtfully and strategically, as part of a larger set of activities for health and wellness:

Therefore before beginning use of the B-2, please consider the following:

  • What am I doing now – for example nutrition and exercise, supplements, medications, physical or psychological therapies – to maintain my health and wellness? Some of these may be synergistic with the brain’s own capacity to relax itself, on its own terms, and some may be less so. Some individuals may wish to consider making changes to some aspect of their health and wellness
    plan or practice, possibly in conjunction with a health care provider.
    If you have a medical or psychological condition, or are taking prescription medications, please have a discussion with your licensed health care provider about how to use the B-2 in an optimal way (see letter titled B-2 for Health Care Providers).
  • What is my goal, in using this device? The B-2 is not a toy. It is a precision tool designed to help your brain help you, to achieve your own highest goals for yourself, by supporting regular recovery of an advanced state of relaxation. We anticipate that most users who recognize the value of the B-2 will decide to begin using it on a regular basis, and we endorse that approach. As a next-generation platform for self-care, the value of the B-2 is multiplied if it has a companion in the form of your own thoughtful and individually-tailored program or practice for well-being. If you do not have an active practice for your regular and continuously evolving self-care, we strongly encourage you to develop one, either on your own, or with the assistance of a health care provider, wellness coach, or other trusted person.

If you are OK with the advisories that we have shared above, then:

Congratulations! You are ready to take a step toward upgrading your practice of wellness, with the help of an advanced instrument for brain-based self-care.


Sung Lee, MD MSc

On behalf of the BRAINtellect Team

*A note about the relationship between the B-2 and Brainwave Optimization®:

If you have had the opportunity to experience Brainwave Optimization with a provider certified by Brain State Technologies, you will remember that a Technologist guided your experience. The Technologist could observe brainwave rhythms through up to 64 different locations on your scalp, and then make adjustments to your “brain mirroring” process with sensitivity to the evolution of your brain rhythms, across those locations.

The B-2 focuses on four constant scalp locations that overlie brain regions key to regulation of arousal and the emotions. The B-2 uses “smart” software that senses brain activity in all four of these regions simultaneously, and its tones reflect algorithmic calculations made in real time, from data collected from all four locations.

If you have experienced Brainwave Optimization, we encourage you to think of the B-2 as a way to sustain and build on the benefits you experienced, and may continue to receive, with the support of your Technologist. After an initial series of sessions, many people continue seeing their Technologist for regular Brainwave Optimization sessions, much as they enjoy having regularly scheduled physical massages. We ourselves endorse that practice, and we believe that most individuals who have benefited from Brainwave Optimization, including B-2 users, will wish to continue to schedule regular sessions with their Technologist.

If you have never experienced Brainwave Optimization, and you experience benefit from using the B-2, you may wish to consider visiting a certified provider of Brainwave Optimization, so you can enjoy the “full-brain” relaxation experience that only these Technologists can provide. Please visit to find a listing of Brainwave Optimization providers, or call 480.588.6840 for further assistance.

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