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How It Works

The BRAINtellect® 2 (B-2) headband has read-only sensors that simultaneously monitor four locations of two corresponding lobes of the brain in the left and right hemispheres. These areas play a key role in regulating emotional well-being and arousal response to stress. The four sensors on the headband allow the software to monitor both the left and right activity of the emotional and arousal states for stress response. Ultimately the software can determine which of the four locations most needs relaxation and reflect only the location or locations that most needs it.

Daily stress can affect these areas and the B-2 supports the brain to relax and reset itself to a balanced, or optimized, state.

The sensors on the headband monitor your brainwaves and software then converts dominant frequencies in the middle range of brainwaves to music-like tones you listen to through earbuds. The brain recognizes its own patterns, and begins to adjust and balance itself. The software is designed to adapt and make adjustments, as needed, in real time, based on your brain and its unique patterns.

The actual tones, or notes, you hear are scientifically engineered to be within a narrow sound envelope only milliseconds in length. This sound envelope, known as the ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) envelope is precisely engineered for each tone of each instrument. Therefore, each note is precisely the same length in milliseconds, although the rhythms of the brain may play them back to you and overlay the notes at times. As is the case with the B-2 hardware and software algorithms, there is nothing else exactly like those notes because Brain State Technologies used Grammy winning engineers and recording artists to record each of the notes at a recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

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