About the Braintellect Company | Braintellect - B2v2


Lee Gerdes is Founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies®, which began conceptually in 2000 as he sought relief from his own traumatic experience. The company was formally incorporated in 2004.

BRAINtellect LLC is a subsidiary of Brain State Technologies.

Company leadership includes:

  • Founder & CEO, Lee Gerdes
  • CFO, Russell Scholl
  • Director of Software Engineering, Paul Hastings
  • Senior Software Engineer, Russ Loucks
  • Director of Business Solutions, Duane Ford
  • Director of Hardware Engineering, Gil Smith
  • Director of Client Services, Sonya Crittenden

And a staff of specialists in electrical engineering, education, technical support, marketing and administration.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona in the Scottsdale Airpark technology hub, the Scottsdale facility includes a technology research and development center, an information technology management center, an education center and the only corporately owned Brainwave Optimization client service center.

Brain State Technologies supports an international network of providers with over 150 locations in 18 countries plus a number of privately operated licenses which are used only for family members. New providers are being added every month. Licensees receive all hardware, software and ongoing tech support services required to launch a certified operation. All licensees are fully connected to Brain State Technologies for both data synchronization and automatic reception of software updates.

Brain State Technologies has collaborated with Wake Forest School of Medicine Department of Neurology since 2011 to conduct research using its core technology, HIRREM, which is funded by independent third parties and has consulted with other leading educational research centers. The company was also awarded a grant (2014-2015) from the United States Army Research Office to develop technology for regulation of circadian rhythm for sleep and performance. In 2015, the first retail version of the device, BRAINtellect® 2 (B-2) was successfully launched, and 2 years later the B2v2 was developed for expected delivery in the 4th quarter of 2017.  

For more information on the company’s products and services, please visit:
www.brainwaveoptimization.com or www.brainstatetech.com