Braintellect | Braintellect - B2v2 - Part 2
Quick Intro on Braintellect 2 (B-2) Production

Quick Intro on Braintellect 2 (B-2) Production

Gil Smith, Director of Engineering at Brain State Technologies, talks about U.S. based hardware manufacturing and production for the BRAINtellect 2 (B-2) wearable headband technology. Divi Builder Divi 3.0 introduces a completely new visual interface that will forever...

BRAINtellect 2 Demo Video

How often our new wearable technology, the BRAINtellect 2 (B-2) headband should be used will vary greatly from client to client. We do recommend using it once daily to begin. There are graduated session times (starting at 4 min, then 6 min, graduating in time length...

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