Beta Testing B-2 NOW! | Braintellect - B2v2

We were very excited when everything arrived Christmas Eve!  We received the electronics, produced locally in Mesa, Arizona, and all of the other components, including sensor inserts and the hp tablets.  

Engineering has been testing the electronic components and B-2 Bluetooth connections, and software engineering is confirming that the data saved and reported from each B-2 session is appropriately stored for each client using the device.  

Our software engineers have been working tirelessly; refining technical details of the software, user interface and experience.

A tremendous amount of time is going into beta testing by our staff, (who are happy to be doing so!) and others, who are providing extensive feedback for further refinement of the user experience, as well as the creation and editing of a step by step user guide for both our tech savvy and our more technologically challenged clients, to make initial setup for use as simple as possible.  Initial results experienced by our early testers are positive with early reports of deep relaxation, calm and better sleep!

The IT staff has worked to enhance the tablet setup and software installation, which we’ve been revising throughout the beta testing process.

All of this to ensure the best experience possible for users of the B-2. 

So everything is going great and we remain on schedule!  We’re very excited to share the BRAINtellect 2 with the world!