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B2v2 has evolved into Cereset Home™

Even though the B2v2 version of our personal-use headband has evolved into a new product, we continue to offer full support and accessories via this site.

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Potential benefits include stress relief, refreshing sleep, improved memory and recall, enhanced overall wellness and well-being, increased learning, optimal performance, and more.

Deep Sleep


Stress Relief


Feel Balanced


Peak Performance


Enhance Relaxation


Improve Learning


How Does It Work?

Sensors read your brainwaves. Software then translates them to music-like tones that you listen to through earbuds.

The brain recognizes its patterns in the sounds, which acts like a sound-based mirror, showing the brain its current state.

When the brain hears itself in this manner, it self-adjusts to more balanced rhythms.

Only Minutes a Day

Achieve deep relaxation and refreshing sleep in as little as 10 minutes a day.

It's Safe

Over 122K people have had Brainwave Optimization with no adverse events.

No Effort Required

Sit back, relax and listen. Let your brain balance itself.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because we’re that certain it works and we’re sure you’ll love it!

One Year Warranty

We believe that service matters.  US based customer service for 90 days.

Technologically Challenged?

Don’t worry. Our instructions are very simple and easy to follow.

Product Features: 

Your portable headband features an advanced processor, a wired controller and Bluetooth® wireless connection to a Windows® based tablet that’s customized and pre-loaded with our SMART Protocol software.

FREE Customized Tablet

Features an advanced processor with Bluetooth wireless connection to a customized Windows® tablet, which is included with your purchase.

Detects Your Brainwaves

Our software observes the rhythms & patterns of four “key centers” of your brain in high-resolution quality.

Acoustic Brain Mirror™

Converts your brain waves to engineered sounds, which are reflected back to your brain through earbuds as you simply relax and listen.

SMART Protocol™

Our proprietary software dynamically adapts in real time to your unique brainwaves.

Graduated Session Process

Begin slowly, then increase your time using your B-2, giving your brain time to adjust.

Patent Pending Technology

Prototype development was supported by a scientific research grant from the U.S. Army.

Flexible and Personalized Options

Use the B2v2 at home, visit one of our Provider’s offices, with locations worldwide, for comprehensive Brainwave Optimization sessions, or do a combination of both. We can design a program that fits your needs and lifestyle.


At Home

Smart Sessions™


Provider & Smart Sessions


Comprehensive Sessions