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Doing nothing for yourself when you aren’t getting restful sleep may be better than being treated for an insomnia diagnosis. Sound surprising?

When it comes to lack of sleep – there is a cost.

A retrospective study of 138,820 adults age 18-64 showed that younger adults diagnosed with insomnia had $924 more in health care costs in the six months prior to diagnosis (The Direct and Indirect Costs of Untreated Insomnia In Adults in the United States, Ozminkowski et al. 2007) than their matched controls. And, for another 75,558 older adults, their six month health care costs before diagnosis was $1,143 more. These are significant indicators to tell us of the extreme importance of restful sleep in our overall well-being.

When it comes to lack of restful sleep and the diagnosis of insomnia, it sometimes may be best to seek an alternative to medication.

Doing nothing for yourself when you aren’t getting restful sleep may be better than being treated for an insomnia diagnosis. Sound surprising? Health care costs of those diagnosed with insomnia were compared between those who were diagnosed and treated, and those who were diagnosed and not treated (Healthcare Utilization and Costs in Persons with Insomnia in a Managed Care Population, Anderson et al. 2014). Guess what? the costs for those treated for insomnia (excluding pharmacy costs and patient co-pays) were 85% greater than those who went untreated. This is another amazing study of 5773 individuals. Again we plainly learn – medical treatment may not be the best thing. Medicine is focused on providing an intervention. Sleep is a “NATURAL” condition. Restful sleep needs to be restored in a natural manner.

Of the 100,000+ people who’ve utilized Brainwave Optimization®, over 60,000 of them from around the world reported the need for sleep as one of their goals. Brainwave Optimization® is the core technology that has assisted our clients to attain restful sleep in a fully non-invasive, natural manner with a very high success rate, we estimate to be 85 to 90%. Our wearable technology, Braintellect 2® (B-2), can be used at home to accomplish on-going restful sleep for most people.  Because we know our technology won’t work for everyone, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

How imperative is restful sleep? An abundant number of studies support the fact that it’s important enough that every person who is not able to achieve sleep is compromised in some manner, and over time, may also be at risk for many serious health conditions. According to Anderson, et al. 2014, “chronic insomnia generally lasts for at least several years and can be associated with reduced quality of life and an increased risk of a major depressive disorder. Other correlates of insomnia may include fatigue, reduced physical ability, impaired social performance, and higher rates of absenteeism from work, accidents at work, and presenteeism (i.e., lower productivity while at the workstation).”

If you need sleep, think B-2.  

By Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO, Brain State Technologies

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